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​Safety Mask

Apr 22, 2020 16:26:29

You'll need:


Elastic ribbon;

Pencil for fabric;


Tailoring scissors;

Safety pins;


Sewig machine;



Cut out the details: 1 main part 20x36 cm, 2 strips 4.5x10 cm. Also cut 2 pieces of elastic braid of 16-17 cm each.

Fold the main part in half, face inward, as shown in the photo. Sew along the side 20 cm long, leaving an allowance of 0.7 cm.

Turn out a detail, spread out allowances and iron.

Now lay the folds. Fold the part so that the raw edges are on the sides and the seam is on the bottom. Measure 3.8 cm from the bottom line, place a mark and draw a horizontal line. Measure 2.5 cm from this line and draw a second line.

Fold the fold as shown in the photo. The drawn lines should coincide, the depth of the fold will be about 1.7 cm. Secure the fold along the edges with pins.

To lay the second fold, measure 1.7 cm from the top line (which is also the fold line) and draw a line. Then measure 2.5 cm from this line and draw another one. On these lines, lay the second fold so that the lines coincide. Lay the third fold in the same way.

Sew the stitches, securing the pleats.

Pin the elastic tape to the edges of the mask.

Fasten the ends of the tape with short stitches.

Fold strips for finishing along the inside inside out and iron.

Place the strip over the elastic so that the raw edges align.

Wrap the tip.

Secure with a pin.

If necessary, cut off the excess part of the strip, leaving 1.5 cm.

Wrap and fasten it the same way.

Lay the stitch back 0.7 cm from the edge. At the beginning and the end - tack.

Unscrew the strip.

Wrap the strip on the other side and secure with pins.

Stitch to the edge.

Sew from the other side of the strip. Repeat with the second strip. 

​Safety Mask
​Safety Mask
​Safety Mask
​Safety Mask
​Safety Mask
​Safety Mask
​Safety Mask
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