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​How to Wash Knitting Clothes

Mar 28, 2020 14:29:39

Knitted clothes from any yarn - cotton, blended yarn, linen and especially wool - should be washed by hand, you will have to refuse washing in a machine if you do not want to spoil your jacket, cardigan or dress.

A wash is best done in warm water using a special detergent designed to wash things from delicate materials with a eco-composition that supports the natural composition of the fiber.

During washing, it is not recommended to rub the cloth, exerting a mechanical effect on them. It is best not to bring clothes to a state where they form persistent pollution. If this happens, for example, on the cuffs and neck, the dirt can be removed using a brush with natural bristles.

The thing is laid out at the bottom of the container (basin or bath) with water and detergent, soiled areas are rubbed with detergent using a brush. After which the product should be held in water for several minutes. After this procedure, as a rule, the dirt quickly leaves, the thing remains to gently squeeze and rinse in clean water.

How to wash mohair, angora and floss clothes

Clothes, knitted from angora, mohair or floss are categorically not machine washable and cannot be brushed, as the surface may be damaged. Such clothes require special delicacy during washing. You need to wash them by immersing in warm water, adding soap. After they should be shaken off a bit, without removing from the water.
After washing, knit items do not need to be wrung out, you just need to let them drain naturally.

Correct clothes rinsing

After washing, it is important to rinse the product correctly, you need to do this in a sufficient amount of clean water without applying spin, otherwise your favorite things may undergo deformation. Adding vinegar to the water during rinsing will protect the cloth from stretching and also help to refresh the color. This is especially important if yarn that is prone to color loss is used when knitting.

How to dry

If you do not want your sweater or cardigan to lose shape and stretch after washing, it is best to dry them in a flattened state on a horizontal surface. After water has been removed, it is recommended that it should be laid out on a soft towel or terry sheet, after which it has been properly straightened. It is in this state that it should dry.
​How to Wash Knitting Clothes
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