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​How To Read Knit Scheme

Mar 24, 2020 14:50:36

You should read the scheme from right to left and from bottom to up, i.e. the same way as we hold our work while knitting.

All the right side rows are odd, as stated on the scheme. Wrong side - even rows are knit due to the ornament, which we see. When in right side row knit sts are stated, so in wrong side row these sts should be purls. And vice versa - purls are knit.

Sometimes you can find schemes with wrong side rows. In this case you should strictly follow the scheme. You can usually find the quantity of pattern sts in the scheme. Pattern is a part of ornament, which consists of group of sts, which are repeated in the ornament certain times. It can be shown in the scheme with arrows or frame. The quantity of sts, which you take for your work should always be multipled to pattern. Sometimes in order to make symmetry you should add some sts, which are not counted in the pattern.

​How To Read Knit Scheme
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